First joint Forum UoS-SPU Universities Saulaimani

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The Forum meeting tries to assess and provide an understanding about the following topics:

- The political situation and future of the Kurds in Kurdistan Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Europe; internationally in the
 aftermath of the Arab Spring, internally after the independence referendum of 25 September 2017.

- Security issues, the role of Kurds effectively contributing to international efforts in the fight against IS terror groups.

- The escalating international refugee crisis, which brought the European Union on the brinkt of collapse; the walling-
 off of EU-Europe against floods of refugees; the erosion of international UN refugee conventions; the systematic   
 hollowing out of the fundamental unlimited right to seek asylum; the continued undermining of global human rights,
 and the increasing deterioration of human values.

- The economic future of the KRG/KRI (Kurdistan Region Government - Iraq, Kurdistan Region - Iraq) and its position on the global energy market.

- The second genocide the Kurds are suffering in recent history: first, the gasifying of the Halabja population and  
 further large parts of Iraqi Kurdistan in the 1980s, and the current horrific crime of the genocide against the Yezidi
 perpetrated mainly in the Sinjar (Shingal) area.

- Crucial efforts to negotiate a lasting compromise and final status for Kirkuk and the other “disputed territories”; as
 well as a new boost of Iraqi intellectual scholars and elites, most notably of Arabs and Kurds, to rethink the political
 foundations of Iraq, kick-start a new dialogue, aim at national reconciliation and negotiate for a sustainable future in
 mutual recognition and peaceful coexistence.

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